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What is a "Unity Lemurian"?  

These are a brand new find that you can only find here at Crystal Addict Closet and my friend Lisa at  These crystals were found near a waterfall near the Brazilian Cristalina Lemurian mine.  We feel very confident in calling these Lemurians.  Many of the crystals have a crystal clear inner core with Lemurian markings.  Crystals that did not develop the second growth are typical of the Cristalina lemurians found in the area. The second growth has more of a golden tone, crowned with amethyst tips.  As is typical with this type of amethyst growth, the amethyst that is found on these are light in color. Also typical of the Unity Crystals are Isis faces! Rare in the Unity crystals are also the coveted "zippers," as they have come to be called. These zippers are exposed inner cores and druse growth growing to close up the seam.  Truly beautiful little specimens!

Now let's talk metaphysical! Keep in mind that these are a brand new find and more meditation and work with these crystals is needed.  As more is learned, this section will be updated.  As of now what we do know is that these crystals are masters of manifestation. They want to work with you to bring about divinely inspired creativity.  A great meditation that I suggest using while working with this crystal is: " I wonder what/if..."  Imagine it and these crystals of wonder will help bring it about!

So, why did we name them the Unity?  We named them Unity because there is a trinity of energy.  The tops (amethyst) resonates with the crown chakra, the body (golden hue) resonates with the solar plexus and the crystal clear core emits a steady stream of gentle pure white light. 

It is my pleasure and honor to midwife these crystals and send them out into the world! 

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